Understanding the type of papercraft tutorial for beginner

There are many papercraft tutorials that you can find on the internet to start the craft project and improve your craft skill. Before you start crafting the paper into certain projects whether you want to make kids project to fill their holiday, create home décor, or create something that recycled your old paper, then you should know different types of papercraft and their uses.

  • Cardstock paper. It is medium weight paper and often uses for greeting cards, handmade boxes, scrapbooking, and more.
  • Construction paper. This is the most favorite papercraft for kids. It is inexpensive and available in many colors.
  • Corrugated cardboard. This is a cardboard type that has 2 thin outer layers from the paper with fluted sheet paper in the middle.
  • Crepe paper. This is thin coated tissue paper with crinkled surfaces that easily to stretches. This paper often uses as flower paper with the stunning result, the streamers crepe paper also used as a party decoration.
  • Kraft paper. Kraft paper is the coarse brown paper that used as wrapping packages. This paper can be used as material for flower crafts, scrapbooking and card.
  • Newsprint. This is material that used for paper Mache project.
  • Scrapbook paper. This material primarily uses for scrapbooking craft but can also use with other types of papercrafts.
  • Tissue paper is fragile paper.
  • Washi paper. It is originally from Japanese and used for varies crafts.

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