Easy craft for kids with paper for many purposes

There is an easy and fun craft for kids with paper projects that you can make it fast and easy. This craft can be done with your help or on their own. When your kid makes their project, just watch them and ensure for the security when they use scissors.

If you want to have craft paper that can be used as home décor, then this 3D textured artwork with balled up crepe paper is a perfect idea. Cut the rectangle shape form cereal box and draw an image in the unprinted side. Crumple and roll streamer 1 ½ inch into balls. Spread the glue to cardboard and press the ball to the piece.

Have many toilet roll cardboard left in the kitchen? Then you may love to transform this leftover material into the tube town crafts. This tube town is simple and easy to make in a few simple stages. First, paint the tube. Make two angled cuts from one end tube to form the point. Fold the 3 to 3 ½ inch piece of scrapbook paper in half. Set in the pointed end tube as roof and secure using glue.  Make two cuts create a door at the end of the tube. Glue bead as a doorknob. Create a window from different color paper and attach to the cottage tube. Create chimney from folded strip paper into 4 sided and open-ended boxes and attach to the roof.


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