How to make a craft with paper technique

For beginner crafter, make a craft with paper can be challenging their skill. Papercraft technique is varied and it has a wide range of skills level. Learn these basic techniques of papercrafts to help you master the skills.

  • Decoupage. Decoupage is a way for decorating object or surface with the cutout pieces of paper. The raw material from the decoupage can from the magazine, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and many more.
  • Paper mache. Paper-mache is the craft technique that torn or shredded the paper and bound together using glue.
  • Paper cutting and collage. Paper cutting and collage are easy to follow.
  • Stamping. Stamping is the effective and fastest method for repeating design on card or paper.
  • Stenciling. Mastering the stenciling technique may need little efforts but it gives quite a different result from the very subtle into very bold.
  • Cardboard work. Cardboard can be made in many creative ways. This is the recycled up cardboard material that nature-friendly. When you work with cardboard, use a knife or scissor carefully as most of the cardboard will use to folded or cut and it can be little hard as it is heavy material.

When you learn and master the basic technique on papercraft, this can make you widen creativity and find other inspiration and expert level on the technique of papercrafts to master.


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