Scrapbooking Made Simple with Photos and Borders

Creating scrapbook is fun and easy. You just need to choose an easy design and take the scrapbooking made simple. Here, we have some creative scrapbooking projects you can try. All of them are easy and simple to finish.

Scrapbook with Photos and a Map

Just use your most favorite traveling photos and a printable map as the material of the scrapbook. Use the printable map as the background of the paper. You can match the map with the photos. Then, put the photos as well as the memorable experience you want to share with others. You have to create a scrapbooking made simpleproject. It is also useful enough to know the places that you have visited and the next trip you have to do.

Scrapbook with Photo Borders

It seems that seeing a rectangular photo is too common. If you want to make the photos more interesting to see, you can just create a scrapbook with photo borders. First, prepare the scrapbook by drawing a variety of borders. Then, cut the photos just like the border you have made. For example, you can draw circle, heart, octagon, waves, and triangle and then cut the photos just like the shapes you have made. Glue it based on the shapes. Write some important notes there so everyone knows the reason why you create this scrapbook.

These two examples are the way scrapbooking made simple. You can try it and show the result to your friends or your beloved one.

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