3 Wonderful Scrapbook Ideas Senior

Creating a scrapbook is a good activity for seniors. What you have to do is finding scrapbook ideas senior and let them finish it. We have three simple and beautiful scrapbook ideas for seniors you can use.

Scrapbook with Memorable Photos

Just prepare a patterned or plain scrapbook. Then, ask the seniors to choose some of their memorable photos. After that, ask them to glue the photos in the scrapbook just like what they want. Let them do it while telling the story behind the photos.

Scrapbook with Memorable Items

You can take this in your scrapbook ideas senior. They are not only putting their memorable photos but also some memorable items. It can be an old birthday card, anniversary gifts, wedding invitation, or anything that have a meaningful memory for them.

Scrapbook with Anecdotes

Besides collecting photos and items, you can also help them by asking the unforgettable experience from their best friends, a beloved one, or family. Let them give something memorable or just write down something that they can’t forget. Then, put those notes or anecdotes on the scrapbook.

Definitely, you have wonderful scrapbook ideas senior to apply. Ask them to keep the scrapbook and let them open it anytime they want. If it is necessary, ask them to tell the story behind the things in the scrapbook.

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