Do Some Fun Things with American Crafts Scrapbooking

You can get a great inspiration anywhere when you are scrapbooking. Let say, you can start an American crafts scrapbooking project. There are so many things you can create to make your scrapbook looks great and beautiful to see.

A Map Scrapbook

For those who are a traveler, you can create a map scrapbook. You can type the cities or areas you want to visit across America. Then, print it in a paper and cut each of the letters. Glue the letters in the scrapbook and add some ornaments such as important items to bring, iconic items in the location, and many more. Every time you see the scrapbook, you will motivate to make your dream come true.

Instagram Scrapbook

Another cool American crafts scrapbooking you can create is a scrapbook inspired by Instagram. Just put your best photos on the scrapbook and manage it just like when you manage a photo in your Instagram account. It is also necessary to give a caption or even a hashtag so it looks just like your Instagram account.

All Shapes Scrapbook

Just make your scrapbook as a place to express yourself. You may create an all shapes scrapbook. Just like the name, you can put photos in any shapes. Even, you can cut the photos into a new shape if it is necessary. By applying this idea, American crafts scrapbooking looks fun, right?

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