Scrapbook Embellishment DIY with Materials around You

Instead of buying a scrapbook, you can just start your scrapbook embellishments diy. The result will be fantastic and you may proud of it. The most important thing, you can keep your happiest memories safe.

Paper Flower Scrapbook

Nowadays, you can print the flower pattern for the scrapbook. Just download and print the pattern. Then, glue the pattern in colorful or patterned papers. Cut them and glue in the scrapbook. Add your meaningful photos and you will have a wonderful scrapbook to see.

Scrapbook with Nature Theme

Do you like to go outside and explore anything? Nature gives you an idea for a cool scrapbook embellishments diy project. Let say, you can bring home some branches, stones, flowers, or any kind of interesting items from nature. Then, glue those items in the scrapbook along with your photos. What a great scrapbook to see, right?

Precious Items Scrapbook

You can also combine the photos with the precious items that related to the photos. It is a great combination so you are not only enjoying the photos but also remembering the best moment based on the precious items.

So, you have three simple scrapbook embellishments diy projects to do. Which one of the best projects do you want to do right away?

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