Ideas of Scrapbook Travel Layouts

Scrapbook travel layouts are suitable for you who want to keep your happy memories during your vacation. Whether it is a family vacation or vacation with friends, it is worth to keep what you have experienced during your traveling. There are a lot of ideas of travel scrapbook layouts that you can try. For example, you can enlarge your favorite photo in order to make it as a focal point in the page. Then, surround the enlarged photo with other small photos so that you can still document your other memorable travel moments.

Besides the pictures of beautiful scenery, you can snap your family members while they were enjoying the view or their activity during the vacation. Pass around the camera so that you are also able to be in the picture as well. Then, save your time and photo papers by sizing and cropping your photos before printing them out. You can also add photos in the corner in a bright color in order to change the pace, instead of matting the photos. Or, you can place your journal or title and surround it with various photos. So, which one of scrapbook travel layouts you are interested to try?

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