Scrapbook Double Page Layouts Ideas You Can Apply

If you don’t want to take too long in scrapbooking, you just need to use a scrapbook double page layouts. It is simple and fast to finish. Still, it gives a great result where you can see the most memorable photos in the scrapbook.

All Shapes Scrapbook

Because you want to create a simple scrapbook in two pages, use all shapes model. You can prepare a scrapbook with a variety of borders such as triangle, circle, octagon, hexagon, and many more. Then, put the photos there based on the border. In a few minutes, you have a cool scrapbook.

Christmas Scrapbook

You can also create a scrapbook double page layouts with Christmas theme. You can create the ornaments by yourself including the space for the photos. Choose 4 to 5 best Christmas photos and glue in the scrapbook. Later, you can put the scrapbook in the Christmas party and tell the story of those memorable moments.

Birthday Party Scrapbook

A birthday party is always memorable for most kids. You can ask them to create a birthday party scrapbook. A scrapbook double page layouts is a perfect model so the kids can choose fast. Moreover, they can also put the result in their bedroom and see it anytime they want.

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