How to Turn Blank Scrapbook Pages into Beautiful Spring Scrapbook Pages

The spring has ended and you have several pages in your scrapbook that you want to use to share your beautiful memory from that season. The question here is how we can turn those blank pages into spring scrapbook pages. It’s easy.


Add flower decoration. To make it has a strong taste of spring; choose the flower in the bulbing phase that almost blooms. You can find many spring flowers type on the internet. Print those images cut it and use it. Or, you also can use an image of plant bud that just grows from the ground.


Use a color that represents spring seasons, such as turquoise, cobalt blue, peach, parrot green, and coral. Basically, you need to choose the color that gives you bright and warm nuance.

The Insect

When the flower begins to bloom in spring, the insect will fly around and suck the honey from the flower. So, you also can use it to give the spring touch on your scrapbook. Use a bee or butterfly image for this purpose. You will have nice spring nuance for your scrapbook page. Those are several elements you can use to change your ordinary scrapbook page into spring page.

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