Cute Scrapbook Ideas Using Watercolor You Can Easily Make

The scrapbook is a good way to make your memorable photo into special items in your collection. The good thing about a scrapbook is you have so much freedom to make it like what you want. Here are the examples of cute scrapbook ideas that will show you how much freedom you can get.

The Color Splash

Basically, you make an abstract painting with watercolor or oil painting on the paper that you will use as background. Then, stick the photo that you want to make special on top of it. Add some piece of paper under it where you can write the message or information about the photo.

The Frame

As for this one, you need to stick the photo and the paper on the scrapbook base. Then, use the watercolor to draw frame surrounding the photo and paper. Use a different color to make it looks more beautiful and interesting.

You also can combine the color splash and frame idea. What you need to do is paint the background with abstract painting first. Stick the photo and information paper. Then, draw the frame using the contrast color of the color you use on the background. Making cute scrapbook is easy, isn’t it?

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