How to Design the Dance Scrapbook Layouts?

Do you like to dance? Now, you may make the dance scrapbook layouts. Well, everyone certainly has different tastes in producing a work of art, including making a scrapbook. There are people who like simple and modern styles, while some prefer scrapbooks with colorful and cheerful themes. This article will discuss the styles of making scrapbooks and hopefully, readers can determine the style that fits in making a scrapbook!


This type of scrapbook is simple and minimalist. Generally, photographs are cut into rigid and standard forms such as square or rectangular, and pasted on paper cardstock with classic motifs such as lines, boxes, dots or flowers. Ornaments are only used as necessary but effective, such as tacks, or iron tongs at the end of the photo. The colors used are contemporary colors like red, blue, yellow and green. The things highlighted are the photos and the writing itself.


This style is the opposite of the classic and simple style. The sheets in the ephmeral type scrapbook use the best ingredients that are generally arranged in the form of collages. The paper used is very rich in motifs and is generally a combination of several patterned papers with dark colors such as brown, gray and black. Commonly used ornaments are tacks and tongs. This type of style is not confused, but it is filled with texture and color. Photos in black and white are also very suitable for this type of scrapbook.

What do you think about those dance scrapbook layouts?

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