Simple Framed Scrapbook Paper Idea for A New Decoration Item at Home

The framed scrapbook paper is one of the great decoration items you can choose. It makes your favorite rooms look fresher. You don’t have to buy the scrapbook paper only to decorate your house. Just make the scrapbook paper by yourself with the materials you have. Let’s check the alternative below.

Patterned Papers

Do you have so many unused patterned papers at home? If it is so, you can just create your DIY framed scrapbook paper. It is a simple paper craft project because you don’t need to do something complicated. Just choose some of the beautiful patterns on the paper. Then, cut the paper into the size that fits with the frame size. Now, put each of the paper to the frame. You may create more than one scrapbook paper. That’s it! You can hang those frames in your favorite rooms.

Woven Paper

For those who have more time to create a paper craft, you can just try to create a woven papercraft. Use some colorful papers and draw lines there. Cut the lines so you have a lot of long rectangle papers. Wove those papers into a beautiful and colorful design just like what you want. Put in a frame and hang in the wall.

Paper Flower

Another great framed scrapbook paper is a paper flower scrapbook. You can make a simple paper flower such as using one colorful paper. Draw some half round shapes until it looks like a flower. Cut the line and fold them. Put the paper in the frame with the white side in the front. The folded papers create petal design and it is a beautiful framed scrapbook paper to hang.

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