Back to School Scrapbook Layouts

School is like our walking memories. From kindergarten to college, we must have a couple of photos as a memento. Then, instead of just save those memorable photos on the photo album, you can join those photos together and make back to school scrapbook layouts. With this scrapbook, you can add another photo each time you are going back to school to start a new term. This way, you will have something precious to show your next generation. If you think that making these school scrapbook layouts are very complicated, you do not need to worry. Making these scrapbook layouts are very easy and we will show you some!

The first back to school scrapbook layout is making the scrapbook page on an expandable folder. You can display your 8×10” school portrait on the front of the envelope. You can also plan a hidden room for journaling and more photos, papers, and other school memorabilia. The next back to school scrapbook layout is making a scrapbook by using embossing ink. You can use the ink to draw school-theme accents onto black cardstock and embossed with white powder to mimic images drawn on a chalkboard and add some dots for a finishing touch.

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