3 Elements You Will Always Find in the Scrapbook Ideas Travel

Creating a scrapbook with a traveling theme is actually easy to do. You can use many scrapbook ideas travel. But, mostly those ideas use heavily on several elements that you always find in it.

The Vehicle

Usually, you will use the vehicle image or artwork on the first page of your travel scrapbook. You can use the printed image from the internet. Or, you can cut the shape of the vehicle you use and use it as decoration.

The Suitcase and Bag

The travel scrapbook also uses this item a lot. Usually, it used on the page where you place the photo when you are at the airport or photo when you prepare the stuff you are going to carry. Just like the vehicle, you can use the image from the internet or magazine, or draw it yourself.

The Vacation Location Item

When you travel to the beach, you will need an image of seashell or fish on the page. For trekking vacation, you can use the hiking equipment photo as the decoration. Match it with the place that you visited.

It seems very troublesome and time wasting. But, believe us, scrapbook like this is very fun to make. Try it and you will know what we meant here.

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