Beautiful craft work on paper for home

The craftwork on paper is easy to make. Whether folded, quelled or cut you can make many crafts ideas that made from paperwork. The first thing that you need to do when starting a craft project is to find the idea and inspiration of crafts that you want to make. Whether it is for home décor, toys for your kids or just to reuse and recycle the old paper in your home.

Paper chandelier is a craft idea that fun to make and great ways to recycle old magazine and scraps of wrapping paper. This craft is also great for home decoration too. To make this chandelier craft, you just need a lampshade, the decorative paper, wide satin ribbon, thread, scotch tape, scalloped paper punch. First, make a round shape with a scalloped paper punch. Use thick paper and get 60-100 round depends on the chandelier that you desire to make. Next, remove the fabric from the lampshade and clean it. The inner metal structure from the lampshade will be the base for the chandelier. Next, put the 8 paper round medallions in the worktable and tape along the thread. Once you make the paper strands from round medallions then repeat to get other strands that will cover the chandelier base. In the end, string the paper chandelier strands into the base until the base is fully covered and not visible anymore. Tie the wide satin ribbon in the top chandelier for hang the chandelier.


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