Creative arts and crafts for kids with construction paper

There are many arts and crafts for kids with construction paper that you can your little ones can create in this holiday or for any occasion. Papercraft is one way to develop your children creativity and imagination. For example, this Turtle Mutant Ninja finger puppets from cardboard tubes. You can get the cardboard tube from old paper towel roll and play with your kids with these finger puppets. To make this, you need to print and draw the turtle body shape to attach to the green paper roll. Cut the eye mask and put at the top paper roll. Make ribbon tie from brown color paper and write the initial from the turtle.

Next idea will be a perfect gift card for father. This recycled father Day cookie container is easy to make by turn empty Pringles container into homemade cookies container. Cover the container with white cardstock paper. Cut out the decorative paper into tie shape and put in the front middle of the container. Cut the grey or blue cardstock paper and attach to the container from the back right to sides of the tie. Attach other c cardstock as pants and get a black belt in the middle on it.


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