How to make a paper flower craft as home décor

How to make paper flower craft that you can use as wall décor or table centerpiece? You can make different types of paper flowers from paper flower templates and cut files. All you need to prepare is hot glue, scissors, and paper. You can choose different paper flower materials; include crepe paper, cardstock, or others.

After you download the paper flower templates from the crafting site, the next step is to import into silhouette design. Trace around the shapes and then resize the flower petals that fit into a paper that you will use. Adjust the cardstock cut setting and send the petals to be cut. Create curls effect to the flower petal edges around using a pencil. Fold the bottom slut in the top of it and glue to the place.

Glue the smallest center of the petal into the cardstock circle and then repeat to the medium petal size and repeat for next largest petals. Layers all of three different sizes of rounds petals and glue in the place you put.  Add center decoration if you desire. You also can add another embellishment such as leaves or ribbon. For autumn flower idea, you also can add dried pines cone and pines leaves.


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