7 Important Moments of Your Baby’s Life That You Can Add Into your Baby Scrapbooking Ideas


Baby scrapbook pages are one of the most important and special pages you can have in your scrapbook. There are many baby scrapbooking ideas you can use to make it special. It’s not only the design. But, the information you put in it will turn it into a special book. So, below, we have several ideas of what kinds of information or moments, you can put into the scrapbook that tells the life story of your baby.

  1. The birth information – you can add the date, month, year and exact time when your baby was born.
  2. First time return to the home – you can describe how you feel or even weather.
  3. First baby smile – beautiful moment that usually happens when your baby is six to ten weeks old.
  4. Rolling over – this is the first step your baby try to learn to walk.
  5. First crawling – it’s close to the moment when your baby walk.
  6. Stand and walk – one of the best moments.
  7. First tooth – the moment when your baby smile becomes even cuter.

Those are the example of information or moments you can put when you try for baby scrapbooking. Actually, it’s your freedom. Add any moment that you think it’s precious.

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