3 Awesome Scrapbooking DIY Boyfriend

Scrapbooks have gained its popularity in recent years and here we will show you some ideas on scrapbooking DIY boyfriend. Some of them are adorable and it will grow the bond between you and your boyfriend. So, you need to check this article till the last word for sure. Also, this is a good way to being a romantic person after all.

If you and your boyfriend love to get on every event like music concerts, movies, and so on, you might have saved so many tickets of events you have been attending. When you make a scrapbooking DIY boyfriend, you can dedicate one page for this one-way ticket section. It would be a beautiful idea to preserve the memories and tickets too.

If you two have been together for quite a while, it would be a good idea to include pictures of then and now. It will show you how you guys have grown together and also the relationship. Do you want to get a bit more romantic? Sure, you can add a quote from your favorite song!

You can also make a section where you make several envelopes with “open when” rules. The number of envelopes and list is up to you. More than anything, this scrapbooking DIY boyfriend would spark butterflies in his stomach.

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