Easy Crafts and Scrapbook Ideas for Kids

You can bring along your kids on making crafts by bringing them into a project with scrapbook ideas for kids. This will make them excited and preserve their holiday memory because we will make a holiday activity book. Of course, you can always make a scrapbook for a birthday, holiday, and other occasions.

You will need several pieces of a cereal box or making a box with 3 sheets of cardboard and colored paper. Also, you should prepare the glue, ribbon, string, paper punch, and scissors. You will make a suitcase from the cardboard and cover it with colored paper. The next step of the scrapbook ideas for kids is making two handles out of the cardboard and sticking them to the suitcase.

The suitcase is supposed to be the book covers so you need to insert some colored papers to stick the photos. And you can thread string it so you can open the suitcase and view the photos. Allow your kids to decorate the cover to make something they like. Anything can be used here such as tickets, photos, menus, roadmaps, and so on. Using scrapbook ideas for kids with your kids would be a fun thing to do on the weekend.

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