3 Unique Scrapbook Ideas for Your Photos

In this article, we have three unique scrapbook ideas you can try. It would be a nice arrangement for your photos and your friends. Having a photo printer would help so much in this case. Also, making a scrapbook will allow you to have an interesting activity instead of sticky with the traditional photo album.

The first unique idea is by using a map for the background. This would be one of the unique scrapbook ideas especially if you have traveled to some countries. It would create a bunch of visual interests and giving the location of the picture was taken, instantly.

At some point, sticking rectangular photos can be too repetitive and not fun. You can cut your photos into some fun shapes like octagons, hearts, circles, or anything you like. For a cute finishing, you can draw borders, triangles, waves, and so on. Using patterned decorative tape is a good idea too.

You can also turn your photos into a visual photo grid. After you print the photo, you simply cut it into squares and then simply stick it on your scrapbook. This method of unique scrapbook ideas would be useful to arrange similar photos. Your viewers would get the information very quickly through its interesting visual.

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