Two Important Things to Consider When You Decide the Double Page Scrapbook Layouts

Creating a design of one page in your scrapbook is easy. However, it’s a different matter when you want to use two side by side pages. You need to make sure that thedouble page scrapbook layouts won’t make it looks bad and in worst case damage the photo you keep in there. So, what you need to do?

The Photo Placement

Make sure you place a photo on the area that won’t stick to each other when you close the page. For example, put one photo on the top area on the first page. Then, stick the other photo on the bottom part of the next page. This way, when you close it, it won’t touch each other.

The Folding Line

You also need to keep at least 2 cm free area from the folding line of the scrapbook. This line is located in the middle of the two pages. By making the free area near this line, you can close it easily without damaging the page inside.

Basically, those are two important things you must pay more attention. If you can do it correctly, you won’t have any problem to use the double page in your scrapbook. Do not hesitate to create the art that you like.

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