Tricks to Create the Cover of Scrapbook Ideas Unique

Actually, scrapbook ideas unique can be made easily. Without having to spend a lot of money, you can decorate your agenda book from simple items that you have. Well, want to know how? In this article, we share the tips!

With the help of duct tape, this unique triangle can be your book cover

Want to make an attractive book cover but don’t have the talent to draw Take it easy, even though your image is usually unsightly, only with the help of your graffiti tape can be displayed on the front cover. It’s easy, first use duct tape or tape to make a triangle on the front cover. Then, make a longitudinal and transverse line without a ruler in the duct tape. Well, if your garage is level enough, you can release your duct tape one by one. Even though you’re not good at drawing, your scribbling this time will make your book more beautiful.

Without having to buy expensive ones, the book covers with paintings from threads can also make you more enthusiastic about writing.

During this time we have always been fixated on the thought “A unique agenda book, surely the price is expensive”. That may be because now you can make it yourself without needing a lot of money. The trick is easy.

If your book has a lot of writing or pictures, you can cover it first using plain white paper. After that, make a paintbrush by wrapping wool yarn on the box beam. Then dilute the paint in a flat place. Well, to make a pattern, you just need to close half of the book. Then dip the wool yarn brush and paste it on the surface of the cover paper that has been installed.

Now, you can try those scrapbook ideas unique.

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