3 Important Things You Must Add in Your Hunting Scrapbook Pages

Do you want to make hunting scrapbook pages in your scrapbook? The hunting theme like this is beautiful. However, in order to make the correct one, there are several things that you need to do.

The Color

Usually, people hunt in the forest. Therefore, you also need to use the color that can represent the color of the forest. In this case, choose the dark brown with a little accent of light color and dark green for creating the image of a tree. Add the green leaf color in several places, such as for the photo frame to make it look artsy.

The Items

You also can add items that usually can be found when you are hunting, for example, horn, or bullet. You don’t need to use real horn or bullet. Just use a piece of it or image you cut from the magazine is enough. Adding a pressed plant or leaf is also a good idea. It gives it a stronger natural touch and theme.

The Photo

Last but not least is the photo. You can use any photo on your hunting page. However, if you want to emphasize the effect of the hunting theme, you need to use the photo when you are hunting. That will give this page more special touch you won’t find on other pages.

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