The Ideas to Create the Friendship Scrapbook Pages

Gifts are special things that are given at certain moments. If you want to give gifts that are anti-mainstream and of a personal nature, just try some of the following ideas offriendship scrapbook pages. You can collect the ingredients from used magazines. Even if the results are good, it’s not impossible that this will be a business opportunity to sell to people who are looking for gifts:

Photos of friends

The Scrapbook contains photos of people you want to give a gift, plus a description of some facts about him. Use a picture from the magazine as the background.

Moments of traveling with friends

If what you want to give is someone who has passed a lot of moments with you, try making your moment trips from time to time. Create like a clock shape, so that the impression of “time travel” is increasingly felt.

Appropriate icon

Photos, when you are traveling together, can also be installed. Then, add the ornaments of the icons that correspond to the trip.

Scrapbook with the theme of cuisine

If your friend likes to cook or likes to eat, try giving him a scrapbook with a collection of recipes. Will be very useful. Let more memorable, can be handwritten and add photos or decorations that are personal in nature.

Daily activities

If you and the person you want to give a gift meet every day, try making a scrapbook that contains its activities every day 1 month before you give a gift. Add the photos you took quietly. And add a little of your comment there.

Do you have any ideas of friendship scrapbook pages?

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