3 Scrapbook Room Organization Methods for Keeping Your Scrapbook Neat and Order

Scrapbook making is a fun hobby. However, if you are doing it for years and now you have thousands of scrapbooks, you need a good scrapbook room organization way to keep your precious scrapbook. Below, we have tips on how to organize your room for keeping your scrapbook collection.


Put the scrapbook based on the season. You also can use four different color racks or cabinet in your room, so you can easily find the scrapbook group that belongs to a specific season.


Organize your scrapbook by using the date you make it. Do not stack the scrapbook up, because you will have a problem to get the bottom one. Place it in the standing position. Therefore, use the hardcover scrapbook. Or, if you didn’t use it when you make your old scrapbook, you can always use the hardcover map to keep it.

File Folder

You also can use the file folder to keep your scrapbook. Usually, the file folder has the tag that you can use to write information about the scrapbook. This way, you can keep it organize without scribbling on the scrapbook cover. And, that’s all that you need to do to organize your scrapbook room.

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