The creative mirror papercraft design

The mirror papercraft is an alternative way for décor your ordinary frame mirror. You can make paper mache mirror, paper mirror decoration, and many more. The vintage old newspaper mache mirror is perfect for you who want to reuse your old newspaper. Next idea for your mirror papercraft is mirror sunburst roll. Again, you can use old newspaper and roll into different length. You also can try different shape of sunburst craft paper construction such as round shape sunburst, dahlia sunburst shape or the shape of the rounded sunburst.

This beautiful peacock patterned of teardrop quilled paper is the next idea you can craft from mirror paper. This peacock feather patterned use the teardrop that filled with roll in the center and between the middle or teardrop quilled paper is filled with rolled round quilled paper in outside part.

For the shabby look of your mirror paper craft, you can make this craft flower arrangement. Make different types of flower craft from old newspaper and kraft paper. For adding extra shabby look, you can paint the leaves shape with silver paint. Arrange the flower and leaves into one side of the mirror. This one side mirror papercraft will be perfect to attach to a table mirror.


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