Easy to make paper crafts decorations from patterned paper and cardstock

It is easy to make paper crafts from patterned paper. Most of the crafter chose plain colored paper because it gives them unlimited ways to décor the plain paper. However, with patterned paper, it gives you easier ways to décor without drawing or décor the paper anymore. Here is what you can do with patterned papers.

  1.   Embellishment. You can use the cut from shapes of patterned or decorative paper. It is easy and you can make dimensional embellishment by stack shapes.
  2.   Decorative clipboard. If you have table office in your home, then hang this colorful clipboard to set your schedule and work stuff will make your workdays happier and motivated. You just need to glue the decorative cardstock into the clipboard and then hang the clipboard to the wall.
  3.   DIY envelopes.  Make your own envelope from the decorative paper is more personal and stylish.
  4.   Wreath. Do you that that wreath from the decorative paper is easier to make even with simple paper leaves wreath? Think to make different color combination and you will love to see this paper craft.

Find hard to find the patterned or decoration paper for your craft? You can print your own decorative paper by using patterned paper download and print it.


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