Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages Ideas

Making Thanksgiving scrapbook pages is a great idea to celebrate and reminisce the beautiful event and moment. There are a lot of ideas of scrapbook pages that can choose to appreciate your Thanksgiving moment. For example, you can use decorative-edge papers so that you can have a large decorative photo frame. Then, give a title in the empty space of the photo so that you can make it stands out. You can also use layered patterned papers in order to give a modern touch to the traditional Thanksgiving colors. Use patterned papers with double side so that you can show both designs when you fold the paper.

Do you want to make unified yet attractive scrapbook pages for Thanksgiving? Then, you can try using many different papers and decorations. You are able to add ribbons, beads, buttons, and any other decorations in coordinating colors in order to add dimension to your scrapbook pages. This idea is also suitable for making your black and white photos look more stylish and stunning. You are also able to add an envelope to make a journal about what you are thankful and grateful for during the happy moment with your family in your Thanksgiving scrapbook pages.


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