How to Create Simple yet Beautiful Scrapbook for Kids

Creating a scrapbook for kids is actually easy to do. Below, we have the guide of how to make it easier. You can do it with your kids and even let them do it by themselves. Of course, you need to watch them when they make it.

The Material

First of all, prepare the material. You will need two cardboard, two pieces of color paper for the background, color pen or watercolor, glue, and more color paper. For the tool, you need scissors, a paper punch, and ribbon.

The Directions

First of all, apply some glue to one side of each cardboard. Then, place/sticks the color paper that you use as a background there. Next, use a paper punch to make two holes on one side of each the cardboard. Put the ribbon into the hole and use it to tie two cardboard to make it into book-like shape. So, you can open and close it like a book.

Now, you just need to ask your kids to stick the photo inside. Decorate it with color paper that you cut into cute shape. And, your kids also can write something on it to explain the photo. And, it’s done. You have a simple and beautiful scrapbook for your kids.

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