Scarecrow Paper Craft

Fall is finally come and means that scarecrows are starting to occur, instead of making the classic scarecrow patterns, then you are able to consider to make these incredible crafts with your little one. You can make the scarecrow with your kiddos without any messy hay and this paper bag scarecrow crafts can be used as a perfect fall decoration as well. Of course, you might get Scarecrow Paper Craft ideas for fall decoration as well. However, this craft is so easy to make and only need some prep work.

How to make it?

You are able to use the newspaper to stuff your brown paper lunch bag and ensure that you do not get over stuff on t. You can print out the templates and cut out those shapes and trace to the construction papers. The hat is brown, the smile is black, the nose is orange, the leaf is read and the hat ribbon is blue. You can start to cut a few one inches on the wide strips of yellow paper. Glue the bow on the bag and attach the small yellow square in the middle of your bow. However, you can use your creativity to make Scarecrow Paper Craft.


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