Creative Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Rolls

Do you want to come up with some creative ways that your kids will love could be a bit tricky? However, upcycling is always the best way to share ideas. You are able to use the paper rolls and turn them into the unique crafts for toy cars, kids and so on. There is a bunch of Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Rolls that you can find in this article.

Making a cute mermaid and hula girl

This hula girl and mermaid paper roll crafts can be the cutest toilet roll project with your kids and make you feel excited about the summer vibe and sand.

The Wiggly Octopus

This paper roll craft is so simple actually, it is very easy and fast to make. It takes less than 30 minutes for your kids to make this little oggys and wiggles that they can play with.

The shark binocular

You will fall in love with this fun craft for kids. You can make this shark binocular from the toilet roll.

Cute owls

You are able to upcycle the toilet paper rolls to make cute small things. You might need the help of your kids to draw the owl faces there. These Craft Ideas Toilet Paper Rolls for you.


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