Ornaments to Apply on Halloween Scrapbook Pages

Halloween scrapbook pages, what are the ideas to apply? Halloween is about to come. Of course, it is better if you prepare all the things to make this moment more memorable. There are some options to perpetuate this moment. One of them is by putting them in an album. Another option is available for sure. It is by attaching photos on the scrapbook. This way, you can decorate them more nicely. Some ideas for a Halloween-theme scrapbook are as follow.

Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween Scrapbook Pages

Helloween seems not complete without its icon. There is no other except the orange pumpkins, Jack O’ Lantern. So, you must put it there. Interestingly, many images of this character can be simply found around. you can only download them and then print the images out before being attached on the scrapbook.


In Halloween, a witch is another icon as well as the leader of the ghosts around. So, you must prepare it there. Similar to Jack O’ Lantern, the images can also be downloaded simply on the internet. You can create the witch’s flying broom from the straw that is bound and attached on the sheet. Of course, aside from this character, make sure to prepare others including the ghosts.

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