How to Create the Scrapbook Ideas Baby

What is the best scrapbook ideas baby? Having a baby is definitely a gift. So, it is not exaggerating if you may want to celebrate it in many ways. Despite conducting a baby shower or anything to welcome this cute creature, you may also want to perpetuate this moment through a scrapbook. So, what are the things to prepare for the baby scrapbook ideas?

The first and most important thing are preparing the photos. Yes, photos are essential things of the scrapbook anyway. It depends on your wants whether there are only photos when the baby has been born or it will be started from the pregnancy. Capture them with special effects that are in line with the scrapbook concept.

Second, prepare the scrapbook itself. Scrapbook basically uses a 3D effect by applying pictures and images in stacks. Not to forget, there are 3D ornaments as well like in the form of ribbons and beads. Attach the photos first based on the pattern that has been drawn before. After making sure that all of them are attached well, it is continued with the ornaments. For the baby, the theme applied should all things related to the cuteness. They are how the scrapbook ideas baby should be.

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