Making Your Own Hanging Paper Crafts

Whether you want to add some sparkle in your next event? Then you will love these hanging paper crafts  They are so pretty and can be made quickly just using decorative paper and tape. They are very easy to make and your kids will love to make them hang around your home for a holiday celebration, a party, a wedding and so on. they are great ideas to decorate your kids’ rooms as well. The hardest part is deciding where to put them once you are done making them.

Paper flowers for your wall decor

Flowers are the great choice for your wall decor and they were made from paper that they never be wilt. You can make them in different size and color as you wish, however, it’s highly recommended to start with the giant paper flowers in a charming white tone.

Zig Zag streamers

The big events will need celebrations and ensure that your home looks the part as well. you can hang several accordion streamers in your ceiling to give a more festive look and ensure that you use different colors of papers to make the lively ambiance. So, your creativity is the only limitation to make your own hanging paper crafts.


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