Back to school Scrapbook Ideas to Make

If you want to get just one photo in the start of school, or you have the special photos that you want to display – then there are some extra school days scrapbooking ideas that give you with inspirations as well. there are some school scrapbook pages that come from pre-school period to high school that you can adjust based on your own scrapbook pages.

Are you ready for the first day? 

When dressed in the spiffy uniform then she was the star of this design. To show off the checklist for the first day in school, then this idea will show you with the checkmark journaling.

The fashion-forward layout 

The recent fashion becomes the priority of this idea. The runway look becomes the base idea here. To include the sense of style in this page, then you are able to use the bold stripes, paisley print and dots to get a trendy look.

Catch your bus 

This idea catches your kid in the act as she stepped into the bus for the very first time. To include the back-to-school feel, For its stability, then you can attach it into the card stock. You can get the cute themes to replace the words in your journal for school days scrapbooking.

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