How to make simple art journal cover ideas designs

Get these awesome art journal cover ideas that will transform your cover journal becomes more personal, artistic and amazing. There are unlimited ways and creativity toad arts into journal cover as they are blank canvases and usually come in the thick paper that you can add paint or textures without worrying warping the cover.

The first idea that simple to make is by painting and gluing the scrap paper to cover journal. Coat the art cover with gesso and use a large brush to texture it. When the gesso completely dried, paint the journal with watercolors using techniques you desire. When watercolor dried tear washi tape and press to the edge of the journal.  Now play with scrapbook papers and cut out the ornaments to attach to the cover journal.

For autumn art journal you can make this rustic cover theme. Prepare the hemp rope, brown kraft paper, twig, and twine. Glue the art journal cover with the material and make your personal arrangement. Add gold ribbon to make your rustic art cover look elegance. If you are skilled in paper craft, then you can add the quilled paper. There are many patterns of the quilled paper you can create to transform the art cover journal.

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