Easy Tips for Catchy Scrapbook Tittles

You should know that scrapbook tittles can make or even break your page. You will love choosing the right decorations and photos, however, only give a little though about the words that you use on your pages. Most of tittles were handwritten ones and you can place it in the top of your page. If you just new in a scrapbooking world or looking for fresh ideas, then there are some tips to help you decide title page for scrapbook.

Keep it short and silly 

Instead of using the certain words, then you can shorten them with the hyphens as well, such as using b-day instead of birthday. You can use the actual numbers instead of spelling numbers. There are great sources to help you decide the scrapbook quotes in pages which help you to get amazing tittles.

Choose your location 

You can use only one title for the spread rather than giving a title in each page. You can place the vertical letters along the large images. For the page with ovals and circles, then you can curve around in the portion of larger circle. There are many tips and references to make your best title page for scrapbook.

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