How to Make DIY Scrapbooking Layouts Friends

If this is your friend’s birthday or you just want to give your best friend the best gift ever, then you need to take a look at our scrapbooking layouts friends. More than anything, these tips are applicable for any type of scrapbook for sure. Still, this would be an interesting gift to give to your friend after years you have been friends with them.

Basically, you just need to bring out two photos of you and your friend where you both look so happy. Later, you can attach the photos on a piece of patterned paper along with some embellishment that fits the whole color board. Do not forget to add the text such as “Ugly X-Mas Sweater Party”. Since this is for your best friend, you can quite something nice too.

You can also go black and white to make a contrast look. Other than that, there is no specific rule to make anything in colors. As long as you have a good printer and ink to print your photos, you can print it in any type you like. Again, we will remind you that you should include texts, journaling, and embellishment. Scrapbooking is where you will need patterned papers at the most. And this is how you scrapbooking layouts friends.

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