How to Crafts with Scrapbook Paper for Creating Beautiful Decoration at Your Home

When you buy scrapbook from the store, you can see that it has many colors and patterns on each of its page. With a little creativity, it is easy to crafts with scrapbook paper like that and turns it into a good decoration for your place. How?

Wall Paper

Cut the scrapbook paper then stick it on your wall. Just make sure you use the wallpaper under it, so you can easily remove it when you don’t need it. The patter turns your wall into beautiful art.

Book Cover

If you have a diary book, you also can use the scrapbook paper as its cover. The unique pattern makes the diary become more special, as it will look different than other books.

Storage Box Cover

It is similar to the book cover idea. Basically, you cover the whole box you use for keeping your stuff or collection with scrapbook paper. Some scrapbook has a page that is designed for a special season. You can use it for the box that you use for storing your seasonal equipment, such as ski gloves box with winter theme scrapbook paper.

Those three are only small numbers among a thousand ideas you can find. Explore and find the ideas that you like. Then, apply it to the decorated item you want to use.

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