Adorable handmade tags ideas

Your handmade tags ideas are equally fabulous things to add when you send present or gift. The handmade tag is personal because they are all made with love.  You can make from simple handmade tags into the complied handmade tags. For the simple idea, you can make handmade tags from washi tape. You can make this easy by attaching the washi tape in cardstock paper and use hemp rope.

The watercolor handmade gift tag is the easy and simple ideas to create in fast. Use heavyweight white cardstock and create color patterns by doing swirling, splashing, drippings to the cardstock paper. Once the paper dried then punches out with paper puncher to make the hole for the tags.

This Christmas cards from scrap fabric are awesome and you can make custom cards that different from one to other gift tags to send to your friend, family, and colleague. In this Christmas card, it combines scraps from cardstock paper to create the décor in the tags. If you have kraft paper, the glitter embossed handmade tag is the easy tags you can make. It is rustic style but still stylish. If you have an old newspaper, you can also recycle into making a gift pattern in


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