2 Vintage Polaroid Album Ideas to Apply

Polaroid album ideas, are you interested to create it? For the lovers of retro and vintage styles, Polaroid camera is one thing you should have. Sure, it is regarding the results that are really unique with old-looking colors. After capturing the pictures, the next thing to do is creating the polaroid album. There are some ideas to apply as follows.

Scrapbook Polaroid Album

Some types of the scrapbook are designed to make it look vintage. Well, it is definitely in line with the concept of Polaroid pictures. So, all you need to do is creating a vintage scrapbook and then attach the pictures there. Sure, you should not forget to add decorations to make the album look more beautiful.

Paper Plate Album

The next idea is by using the paper plates. Paper plates are carton papers that are produced in rounds, commonly used as the media for home decorations. Sure, you can make a Polaroid photo album from this material. Arrange the plates to form a book. Then, attach the pictures there surrounded by ornaments. Sure, the plate can be functioned as a frame if you want the pictures to hang on the wall. For this second idea, it reminds you of the old-fashioned houses anyway.

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