Things to Include in Engagement Scrapbook Ideas

Engagement scrapbook ideas should be more interesting than other scrapbooks you have made in previous years. In this article, we will show you several things you should include in this scrapbook. This thing would be a nice memento in the future.

When making a scrapbook, you will need a background. Make sure if the background fits the whole theme. It is better for being romantic or whimsical. If you are not sure, you can browse through scrapbook apps on the internet. They might have some engagement scrapbook ideas on choosing the right background.

The photos you choose and the effect should be the attention. For example, you can display photos like a filmstrip. Other than that, choosing black and white modes would increase the romantic feeling. If the photos are more than three pieces, you may make a mini book at the corner of the page. Also, you cannot skip the presence of love notes especially if you guys exchange letters and notes.

This step is optional but making a top 5 of things you love list would be a simple romantic gesture. Other than that, it would spark the butterfly. If your partner or spouse is in the service or you guys are doing LDR then the engagement scrapbook ideas are what you need.


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