The pretty craft paper

Whoever thinks of pretty craft paper that unusual and perfect for your home decoration is inexpensive and you can make with your own? Wind chime with beautiful paper rose flower will be great to hang in your porch or backyard. Make7 pieces cardstock roses flower.  Arrange the golden bead in the thread and glue it to thread and put one small size petal at the end of the thread. Make a circle from cardstock and make a hole to insert the thread. Glue the roses flower to the circle.

Next, this swirling twirling ladybug is other adorable crafts that made from a different color of construction paper. For each ladybug, you will need 2 construction papers. Cut the paper into 4.5-inch squares. Stack the papers and cut into circle shape together. Still holding the circles together, cut a slit from one edge of the circle up to the middle of the circle. Place one circle into a piece of scape paper and paint the section as ladybug head. Overlap the paintbrush into scrap paper.

For each pair of circles, paint the head at the opposite end of each one. Use a small sponge and dip to black paint to make a spot for the ladybug.   Take two circles and line up the slits. Insert them with each other.


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