Simple and Easy Christmas Scrapbook Paper Crafts

So, when Christmas has passed and you have a good time during the holiday, you may need to make some Christmas scrapbook paper crafts. It would be a fun thing to do during the holiday season and you can ask your kid to join. The scrapbook would be anything about things you like during the holiday especially if you spend most of your time with your family during the holiday season.

The first thing you can use to make Christmas scrapbook paper crafts is a piece of paper with pictures of your favorite things during Christmas. You can fill the page with 12 square pictures in grid. Also, do not forget the journaling as well. Since Christmas is always close to gingerbreads, you cannot miss this thing for sure. You can turn the gingerbread house into a decorating element on the scrapbook page with Christmas theme. Later, you can add three photos in black and white.

The quiet moments during Christmas should also be included on the scrapbook. To make it more colorful, you can simply decorate it with some paper strips, patterned papers, or d├ęcor tapes. Do not forget to add journaling in your Christmas scrapbook paper crafts to highlight the moment.

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