Simple and Easy Art and Crafts with Paper

The art will make the simple and innovative decoration as the masterpiece that can be learned by people who attended the craft class in school and for kids by just looking at their parents who interesting to make artwork from home. For those who looking for more innovative ideas, then this article will be useful and handy. Parents can share craft ideas with their kids and make them involved with the art. You can choose art and crafts with paper.

Paper flower design

The flower design is the easy craft that you can make from paper. The size and shape of design are depending on you. This craft can be the creative work for tour kids. The floral design can be made from the simple lily to more complex floral design, such as rose needs more practices to make a good one.

Floral crown

This crown design is the innovative artwork from paper that surely girls will love it to make one at home. The model designs can be made from different colors and materials. The crown has the circular shape with the spiral floral pattern. You can make innovative art and crafts with paper.


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