Scrapbooking Couples Ideas on “100 Reasons Why I Love You”

You may look for some scrapbooking couples ideas to make a romantic gesture towards your partner. Here we have some tips for you to make “100 reasons why I love you” scrapbook idea. But, yeah, you need to gather and sort the photos before you start making a scrapbook page by page. Other things you will need are such as photo album, scissors, glue sticks, blank note cards, and clip arts or stickers.

To begin the journey on scrapbooking couples ideas, you should make a list of things you will write on the card not. It consists of reasons why you love your partner. Of course, you can write memories, inside jokes, qualities, and so on. Print the photos that will be stuck on the photo album and make sure you also write a love card to go along with the picture.

Once you have done with the “I Love You” cards, you can arrange it on the photo album. For a simple arrangement, you can put the “I Love You” card on the right and the photos on the left. You can also arrange it on your computer and print them out instead. Do not forget to put some sticker or clip arts to decorate the album. And this is the end section of scrapbooking couples ideas.

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