Scrapbook Baby Book Ideas for Baby’s First Year

Scrapbook baby book ideas will help you to make a nice scrapbook for your baby especially if this is your baby’s first year. Nowadays, people would go to the scrapbook app to make their own scrapbook so they can just print anything. Of course, you can go that way too especially if you want to make something simple. However, if you are an old-fashioned person then you may want to look for freebies for baby scrapbooks and make it on your own anyway.

It is important to stay organized when it comes to making scrapbook baby book ideas. The easiest arrangement is filing your baby’s photos by the month they were snapped then add some details. Feel free to use many embellishments but make sure you do not make the whole page cluttered. The scrapbook may consist of milestones. Milestones would be started from right you arrived home from the hospital, meeting the family members, and celebrating holidays.

Routines such as nap time, diaper changes, and other daily activities might be included as well. It would be a nice thing to show for the first year scrapbook. You can also add photos when tantrums and illnesses occurred too. Every moment does matter for scrapbook baby book ideas after all.

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