Reuse an Old CD into CD DIY Crafts

It is better not to throw away your old CDs because you can create something useful from it. There are some CD DIY crafts you can try below. Most of them are simple and you just need to use materials that you can find around you.

Guitar Picks

If you love to play guitar, you need to have a guitar pick. Instead of buying it, you can just create it by yourself. Prepare an old CD and cut it in a triangle shape. You may cut it in the best design so you have a cool guitar pick.

Candle Holder

A candle holder is the other CD DIY crafts you need to try, especially if you love to use candle at home. Use the CD as the bottom part of the holder. Then, you can use the rest of the CDs as the ornament of the holder.

Refrigerator Decor

You might have the best singer or CDs. Just use the CDs as your refrigerator decoration. You need to glue a magnet at the back of the CD. Then, put the DCs in the refrigerator door and you have cool decorative items that might be different from anyone else.

So, just keep all of your old or broken CD because you can create CD DIY crafts from them. The most important thing, you can reuse those old CD into a valuable thing.


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